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  • 05/21/2020 12:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Board of Directors of the Surrey Pickleball Club is very disappointed to announce that the club’s 2020 playing season is cancelled.

    Entering into Phase 2 of the Province’s “return to normal” plan, it was our hope that the provincial and City of Surrey operating guidelines for this and subsequent phases would allow us to provide an increasing degree of organized play sessions beginning as early as possible and lasting until the end of the outdoor playing season, in the fall.

    Unfortunately, the provincial guidelines, as issued through BC’s viaSport, prohibits organized play in any sport. The viaSport directive can be found here: viaSport return-to-play. As a result, the club cannot provide organized pickleball play for our members for the foreseeable future.

    The Board of Directors would like to thank all members for renewing their memberships and new members for joining the club. Your membership has provided you with membership in Pickleball Canada, Pickleball BC, and the Surrey Pickleball Club, provided you and the club with insurance coverage and as has allowed the club to cover its basic operating expenses. In recognition of that, the club will be offering a loyalty discount when then-current members renew their membership for the club’s 2021 season.

    Over the next several months, the Board of Directors will continue working on your behalf, monitoring developments and providing input to City, provincial sport organizations, preparing for the club’s Annual General Meeting (September 17 – further announcements coming) and planning for the 2021 season.

    Despite the club’s cancellation decision, we strongly encourage all pickleball players to get out on the courts to stay fit and to hone your skills while respecting the individual-play guidelines from Pickleball Canada, Pickleball BC, the Province of BC and the City of Surrey.

    Stay safe, stay well.

    Ken Nowlan

    President Surrey Pickleball Club

  • 02/18/2020 8:02 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    SPC will be trialing a new two step ratings process in 2020 which uses performance-based criteria (think “ladder system”) to determine eligibility to be assessed for the various playing levels. After working out the logistics this season, we hope to fully implement performance-based competitive play in the 2021 season. Performance-based assessments/play is being recommended by Pickleball Canada and is in various stages of implementation at pickleball clubs across Canada. 

    For an explanation of our 2020 two step ratings process, see our Ratings page.

  • 02/04/2020 7:36 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The newly formed Richmond BC Pickleball Association, on behalf of the Games organizers,  is looking for volunteers for the 2020 55+ BC Games being held September 15 - 19 in Richmond BC. For more information about the games and volunteer opportunities, see the RBCPA website here

  • 12/22/2019 9:26 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The USAPA has released the 2020 update to its rulebook, the first update since 2010. See the revised rule book here

  • 10/13/2019 8:53 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The City of Surrey has opened its first dedicated pickleball courts. Yay!

    Located in the Greenaway Park in the 17900 block of 60th Avenue (immediately east of the racetrack), the 8 courts are available for play. I had the opportunity to join 19 other pickleball nuts on Saturday afternoon to play on the new courts. Fantastic!  

    While the courts were wet at 1:30, by 2:30 they had, except for one small wet spot, dried out. And that wet spot was gone 1/2 hour later. So drying them up for play after a rain should be easy. The surface is great: non-slip, non-skip, even the lines. 

    A few negatives:

    • No inside the fence seating, and really no room to put any without interfering with play. Bring your chairs but, on busy days, expect to put them outside the fence. 
    • No water. So bring lots. 
    • The inside centre fence is just a bit too high off the ground. It’s possible for a ball to roll under the fence and end up in the other 4 courts, requiring either an around-the-fence-through-the-end-gate run, or players on the other courts having to interrupt their game to return the ball. 
    • No lights. No after-dark play. 
    • No sun protection - we’ll see how warm it gets in the summer. 
    • No wind screens - but the courts are surrounded on 3 sides by trees. 
    But who’s complaining!?  Not me. It’s just so nice to have dedicated courts with real nets (very little ball roll-over), a great court surface and decent court separation.  Now that we’ve seen and played on these, I can hardly wait for the courts in Crescent Park (late summer 2020) and our own in the South Surrey Athletic Park (probably 2021) to come online. Yay! Well done City of Surrey. 
  • 10/09/2019 6:38 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Outgoing President’s Message – Ross Priebe

    At the Surrey Pickleball Club; Annual General Meeting a new Board for the 2020 Season was elected.

    I had chosen to step down from my role on the Board as I have functioned in this role for the past 4+ years.

    A number of events and accomplishments have taken place in these past years and there is more to come in the years ahead on the pickleball courts.

    I will remain an active member in the club as needs and roles are defined further.

    I thank the new Board for taking on their respective positions as our club continues to develop and grow in areas of membership, mentorship and those elusive dedicated-permanent courts.

    In addition, thanks to many of you who have been involved in encouraging and developing the club to where it is today.

    And finally, a big thank-you to those of you who have served on any of the past Boards for our club.


    Incoming President’s Message – Ken Nowlan

    I would like to start off by thanking Ross Priebe, Dave Anderson, John Robertson, Tammy Mack, Sandy Anderson and Carman Ross, the Board for 2019, for their efforts guiding the Surrey Pickleball Club through 2019. I would especially like to thank Ross, Dave, John and Tammy for their tireless, multiple- year Board participation, leading and steering the club through its early years.

    I am honoured to be one of the nine nominees elected to the incoming Board of the Surrey Pickleball Club for 2019/2020 at the September 18 Annual General Meeting. On behalf of us all, thank you to the club members for your confidence in the nine newly elected Board members.

    Within a few days of the AGM the newly elected Board met to determine who would hold which roles on the Board. I am pleased to announce that these are the Board members and their roles for 2019/2020:

    President – Ken Nowlan
    Vice President – Murray Boh
    Treasurer – Paul Tucker
    Secretary – Edie Doepker

    Non-Officer Roles:
    Member Relations – Gus Romanelli
    Play Coordinator – Carman Ross
    Training/Instruction Coordinator – Doug King
    Ratings Coordinator – Gus Romanelli
    Tournament Coordinator – Rick Vandusen
    Volunteer Coordinator – Sandy Anderson

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