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The fees for playing through SPC are:

Member Fees for 2021:

Member fees for 2021 are comprised of an annual membership fee plus an outdoor court usage fee.  Effective March 29, 2021, the total Club fees for the outdoor 2021 season is $67.50.  Court usage fees for fall/winter indoor play will be determined once/if indoor play is offered by the club. Note that Club members must also be members of Pickleball Canada and Pickleball BC, which you must join separately from the Surrey Pickleball Club.

Annual Membership Fee: $22.50

  • Beginning March 29, 2021, Pickleball Canada (PCO) no longer allows the Surrey Pickleball Club to collect and remit PCO and Pickleball BC membership fees.   PCO/PBC membership is a requirement for registration in any SPC activity – social and ladder play sessions, clinics, SPC tournaments, or Pickleball Canada sanctioned tournaments.  If you do not have a PCO/PBC membership, you will be unable to register for SPC events.  Amongst other benefits, your PCO/PBC membership includes the provision of personal liability insurance for Club events, PCO and SPC sanctioned events.

Outdoor Court Usage Fee: $55 for all scheduled outdoor playing sessions (less the2021 $10 court usage subsidy)

  • Beginning in our 2021 playing season, the City of Surrey is introducing outdoor court usage (rental) fees for our use of courts for our weekly playing sessions.
  • For 2021, the Club is subsidizing the court usage fee by $10 per member, resulting in a net court usage fee of $45 per member.

Non-Members fees for 2021:

Guest Drop-in Fee (for a guest accompanied by a member): $10 per playing session

Non-Member Drop-in Fee: $15 per playing session

Court Usage Fee: The court fee is incorporated into the non-member drop-in fee

Note: Non-members will be admitted to an SPC-scheduled session only if the session is not full and at the discretion of the Play Captain. 

Refund and Late Start Policy:

The Club has a policy for refund requests made for Fees paid and outdoor court usage fee reduction in the event of a significant delay in the start of the outdoor playing season. 

If, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the first day of play is delayed significantly beyond the planned first day of play (i.e. May 3, 2021) and, as a result, the City of Surrey reduces the Club’s outdoor court rental fee, the Club will determine whether an adjustment can be made to member court fees. If a member court fee adjustment can be made, it will be reflected as a credit in the members’ fees for 2022.

The Club's Refund and Late Start Policy can be found here.

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