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Board of Directors for 2020


Ken Nowlan –  President

Ken spent 35 years in the management consulting business, building and running a firm with a list of clients throughout the world. Since his “retirement” from consulting in early 2018, he has taken up pickleball with a passion. As well as playing through SPC and various other White Rock/Surrey/Langley locations, he also plays on Maui and in the Palm Springs area. However, not yet fully retired, Ken runs a wellness and nutrition business with his wife, Elizabeth.


Murray Bohn – Vice President and Privacy Officer

Murray was born and raised in small town Saskatchewan and currently resides in South Surrey. He is married with 3 children and is now retired after almost 50 years of working and volunteering as a Dentist. Personal pursuits include extensive travel and a variety of outdoor activities.


Paul Tucker – Treasurer

Living most of his life in Toronto, Paul had not heard of pickleball. It was not until he moved to B. C. 4 years ago the game was mentioned. He went to visit his cousin in Florida a couple of years ago saw and dedicated pickleball courts in her complex. It took him until last summer to finally try the game and 6 months to refer to it as a "paddle" and not call it a "racquet". What a Great Game. 


Edie Doepker – Secretary

Edie had a career in the public sector with progressive strategic leadership and management experience in building community and organizational capacity. Upon retirement, she took on the President’s role with a charitable organization near and dear to her heart; Kids Up Front, whose mission is to provide access to sport, culture and recreation activities for needy and vulnerable kids.  Pickleball came onto the scene for Edie while vacationing in Phoenix and has become her number one choice of physical activity – next to skiing, golf, biking, yoga, walking, swimming…..

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Gus Romanelli - Ratings Coordinator

Gus played many sports throughout his life, including soccer and golf for the last 40+ years.  He started playing pickleball in 2018 in Southern California after hearing about it from some golf friends which led him to join the Palm Springs Pickleball Club.  Gus enjoys the challenge of the sport and the people he has met and hopes to continue playing for years to come.

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Rick Vandusen - Tournament Coordinator

After selling his share of a business in Surrey and retiring in April of 2018, Rick was looking for an activity that both he and his wife (Mel) could do together. They sort of stumbled onto the game of pickleball by signing up for beginner lessons at the South Surrey Rec Ctr. It’s safe to say that after completing that course, a true pickleball addiction hit the Vandusen household hard! Rick started taking clinics everywhere he could & started entering tournaments, all in the effort to improve his game (the jury is still out on whether that is working or not). By joining the board of directors, Rick hopes that any small contribution that he can make, will help pickleball flourish in our area and who knows, maybe someday we’ll even have dedicated pickleball courts to play on…….     If you want t o find a statement that will bring a smile to Rick’s face while on the courts, just say “0-0-2”.


Doug King - Instruction/Mentoring/Ratings Coordinator

Doug began playing pickleball in Jan/2018, after having hip replacement surgery. In his pre-retired life he was a Biomedical Engineer at St Paul’s Hospital for 30 years. You can often find him exercising at the gym or running the 1001 steps (really only 234) in Ocean Park.  He also loves to play singles pickleball, so call him if you’re interested.  


Sandy Anderson - Volunteer Coordinator and Member Relations

Since retiring a few years ago from a career in health care I had been looking for some outdoor activity other than the hiking I do to keep me occupied and fit.  In the summer of 2015 after just one game I knew I had found what I had been looking for.
I enjoy being challenged to improve in this, at times, frustrating game, but as long as I continue to enjoy playing and spending time with the many friends I have made in the pickle all community I plan on playing for as long as I can.


Carman Ross - Play Coordinator

During his earlier years Carman was playing Racquetball, Squash and Tennis. In the mid 1980s he was introduced to pickleball, when one of the players invited him to his residence to play. It was very new then, but realized he found a new fun sport. Shortly after, he noticed his neighbor had a large concrete pad, and thought that this would make a good pickleball court. His neighbor agreed, and after finding layout instructions, the court was built. It wasn’t long before many other neighborhood family’s ended up hooked on pickleball. We were even playing at night under lights. Shortly after that he moved to the U.S. and was only able to play occasionally. When he moved back to Canada in 2015, one of the first things he did was to check out and join the pickleball group at South Surrey Centre. He is now enjoying playing with a great group of pickleball players both indoor and outdoor.

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